In the Lab

Big Changes for the School Big Changes for the School

As we come upon the end of another School session, we’ve been talking about what... continued »

Our Mutus Liber : Making Oil of Gold Our Mutus Liber : Making Oil of Gold

In honour of the Springtime work that is the subject of the classic Alchemical text,... continued »

What are Spagyrics? What are Spagyrics?

To many of you, knowing and supporting our work for so long, that may seem like a... continued »

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Philosophy of Nature

Brigid and her Dandelions Brigid and her Dandelions

This week marks the ancient Celtic time of Imbolc, the festival marking the midpoint... continued »

Happy Easter! Happy Easter!

We’re reviving this article from our archives in time for True Easter, which... continued »

Dew & the Fire of Nature Dew & the Fire of Nature

Late March was the beginning of dew season around here, the time each year when we... continued »

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Happy Equinox! Happy Equinox!

As I worked on my talk for the upcoming Power of Inner Connection Summit, I was sure I wanted to have a discussion about the planetary energies in our work. The organizer was very interested in that aspect and thought her listeners... continued »

Weed Love : Red Root Weed Love : Red Root

For this edition of Weed Love, I’m looking a bit outside our own property for inspiration- but what inspiration I found in our area as Spring finally arrives! These beautiful flowers are Red Root, also known as California... continued »

Weed Love : Calendula Weed Love : Calendula

As always, this edition of weed love was inspired by the plant itself- specifically, a lovely, fiery orange bright spot in my otherwise sleeping garden. In my research about Calendula, I found that its name is taken from the word... continued »

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Exciting Changes! Exciting Changes!

In the next few weeks, we will be updating our blog and store websites to make them more useful, beautiful, and helpful. We’re excited about these changes, but we will need your support and understanding during the transition.... continued »

New Spagyric : Bee Balm New Spagyric : Bee Balm

Earlier this year a “new” plant came across our radar and it sounded so interesting that we decided to work with it. I put “new” in quotes there because, although we never made a Spagyric from it, we’ve... continued »

Weed Love : Rose (and a new Magistery!) Weed Love : Rose (and a new Magistery!)

It may seem strange and even a little bit disrespectful to call such a beloved flower a weed, but here at Al-Kemi, we don’t consider “weed” an insult, and in any case, many kinds of roses do grow freely, wild... continued »

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