In the Lab

Big Changes for the School Big Changes for the School

As we come upon the end of another School session, we’ve been talking about what... continued »

Our Mutus Liber : Making Oil of Gold Our Mutus Liber : Making Oil of Gold

In honour of the Springtime work that is the subject of the classic Alchemical text,... continued »

What are Spagyrics? What are Spagyrics?

To many of you, knowing and supporting our work for so long, that may seem like a... continued »

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Philosophy of Nature

Brigid and her Dandelions Brigid and her Dandelions

This week marks the ancient Celtic time of Imbolc, the festival marking the midpoint... continued »

Dew & the Fire of Nature Dew & the Fire of Nature

Late March was the beginning of dew season around here, the time each year when we... continued »

Silene : Dreaming in White Silene : Dreaming in White

The first Oneironauticum in San Francisco had the dreamers working with our Spagyric... continued »

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Weed Love : Yarrow Weed Love : Yarrow

There are many reasons to love Yarrow- its beauty, its tough and easy-to-grow nature, the beneficial insects it attracts, and its medicinal properties and healing versatility. My love for Yarrow is simpler and more sentimental-... continued »

Rosemary : Dew of the Sea Rosemary : Dew of the Sea

The fields around our house are full of spring flowers- fruit trees, daffodils, dandelions, and more. Our cultivated flower garden is a more summer-season one, so there’s not much to look at right now, with the grand exception... continued »

Weed Love : Chamomile Weed Love : Chamomile

Since we bought our house and small acreage five years ago, we’ve been gradually working on it, building out the area for the School, adding tanks for our rainwater collection system, and creating a big, wonderful garden. The... continued »

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Sale : Tonics for Summer Sale : Tonics for Summer

It’s definitely summer out there, maybe it’s hot or warm where you are, or cool and windy like it is here on the coast. Either way, the sun is shining, people are traveling and having fun, and there are still many more weeks... continued »

New Spagyric : Butterfly Pea New Spagyric : Butterfly Pea

Even though we currently offer almost 400 different Spagyric singles and formulas in our store, we’re always on the lookout for new herbs to work with. Most of those suggestions come from you, our customers and fans, and we... continued »

New Spagyrics : Calamus and Wine Grape New Spagyrics : Calamus and Wine Grape

Both of these new Spagyrics are probably familiar to many of you in other forms- we’ve worked with Calamus for years as an Initiatic, and wine grapes give us the alcohol we use in our higher Spagyrics. Exploring different facets... continued »

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