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January 29, 2009 by Micah  
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Many people have responded to our survey about the Alchemical School, and we are very grateful for the input we’ve received so far. The data and numbers are very helpful in the planning we are doing now, as are all of the extra suggestions and ideas offered.

The survey has ended, and next we will begin meeting in earnest to plan the school and create a vision that meets all of our needs. We will keep this site section updated with our responses, ideas, and plans based on the survey results, but for now, here is a report of the responses so far.

Have you studied or practiced any Alchemy before?

  • None: 27.7%
  • History or Theoretical Study: 51.4%
  • Psychological or Inner Alchemy: 50.9%
  • Basic Laboratory Work: 22.5%
  • Advanced Laboratory Work: 1.2%

Why do you want to study Alchemy?

  • General personal enrichment: 78.6%
  • To care for friends and family: 66.5%
  • As a spiritual path: 79.2%
  • To use in a healing practice: 80.3%
  • To create a business: 26.0%

What applications of Alchemy are you interested in studying?

  • Inner (non-laboratory) work: 85.0%
  • Plant Alchemy: 96.5%
  • Mineral & Metal Alchemy: 82.1%

Do you have a suitable space for a lab?

  • Yes: 71.7%
  • No: 20.8%
  • I’m not interested in lab work: 7.5%

How many hours a week can you commit to pursue your studies in Alchemy?

  • less than 1: 0%
  • 1 to 4: 41.0%
  • 5 to 9: 31.8%
  • 10 to 15: 16.2%
  • 15 or more: 11.0%

Per year, what could you budget for equipment?

  • $0: 0.6%
  • $100 to $300: 22.0%
  • $300 to $500: 29.5%
  • $500 to $1000: 23.1%
  • more than $1000: 17.9%
  • I’m not interested in lab work: 6.9%

Which scheduling structure would you prefer?

  • Long guided course: 71.7%
  • Intensives only: 17.9%
  • Another system: 10.4%

How many times a year are you free to travel to an intensive in Oregon?

  • None: 9.8%
  • Once a year: 50.3%
  • Twice a year: 39.9%

What is your budget for yearly tuition?

  • $500 to $1000: 52.0%
  • $1000 to $2000: 25.4%
  • $2000 to $3000: 10.4%
  • $3000 to $4000: 1.7%
  • Other: less than 500: 2%


2 Responses to “Alchemical School Survey”
  1. wes says:

    i have studied and practiced alchemy on my own for a while now and could use some ideas

  2. Micah says:

    It’s hard to give you much help without knowing what you’ve studied & worked on so far, and what direction you would like to take next, so feel free to tell us more about that if you like.

    Speaking generally, besides watching for our school to come together, I would also highly recommend studying Manfred Junius’ book on Spagyrics, available here.

    Junius was one of our teachers, a true Renaissance man of Alchemy, music, and the arts. His book is dense and full of wisdom about the work, and the best starting place for anyone interested in Spagyrics. It will probably be required reading for our classes, so you can get a head start now!

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