Carry your Spagyrics in Style!

February 4, 2010 by Micah  
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smbagAfter lots of searching, we finally found a source for some great carrying bags that fit our Spagyrics perfectly!

These cotton bags are padded all around, with a sturdy three-sided zipper closure and a loop that makes them easy to fish out of a purse or case. Inside, they have padded dividers to hold bottles snugly and safely, holding eight bottles in the small bag (shown at left), or sixteen in the large.

They come in fun, bright colours, and were made by a fair-trade, women-owned cooperative in South America. They fit our 5 and 10 ml. bottle with ease, and can hold our 15 ml. with a little stretch.

We’ve already filled up a couple of these with our favourite Spagyrics for traveling, and we’re sure they will be a very useful accessory for you, to. For sizes and prices, click here to visit our store.

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