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February 4, 2010 by Micah  
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You may have heard us talk about an interesting way of working with our Magisteries by taking one Magistery each day according to its planetary rulership, bringing insight and balance over the course of several weeks. It is a powerful way to uncover your own personal relationship with each of the planet’s archetypal energies, showing your personal strengths and weaknesses in a way that often reflects the good and bad of your daily life.

toolsWe’ve put together a new kit to make this working easier, along with a booklet with instructions and ideas to integrate the process into your spiritual journey. It’s something we’ve offered from time to time before, but our new version is something we’re very proud of, and we think it will be of benefit to many of you, also. Click here to purchase a Kit in our store, or read more about it below.

We call this kit our Tools for Transmutation, because that’s what it is: a set of useful tools, the seven planetary Magisteries, along with a system for integrating their intelligences into your life in order to transmute your inner and outer world to its highest good.

The method for creating this transmutation is simple but profound, and is rooted in the Qabalistic system for organizing planetary energies, applied as a magickal working through the days of the week. The instructions are in a booklet in each kit, but we’ll talk about the process a bit here, too.

The process starts by taking a dose of one Magistery every day, each day, according to the rulership of that day. So, on Monday, the Moon Magistery would be used. On Tuesday, the Magistery would be Mars, and Mercury is taken for Wednesday. The days are listed in the kit, and also on this page, for reference.

Ideally, each day’s dose is part of a spiritual reflection or meditation practice, in which a few quiet moments are taken to reflect on what Magistery is being taken, and to what effect. Other energies and attributions can be included through the use of colour, incense, music, angelic invocations, or mantras relating to the day’s planet, and there are suggestions for this in the kit’s booklet.

This daily Magistery work is continued for a few weeks, up to two months, and a detailed journal is kept of each day’s events and energies. Anything that stands out as unusual in your day should go into this journal, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to only considering inner events and feelings. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner state, and will mirror back to you all kinds of things you need to see.

After a few weeks of this, you will look through your journal and notice some obvious differences in certain days. Some days will be especially good, bad, or just notable every week, with most people seeing a pattern of one to three weekdays as the striking ones week after week.

For instance, the first time I did this working, after a few weeks of journaling it became clear that Monday was the most intense day for me every week. Many of the Monday occurrences were inner events I had expected would be brought out by such an introspective process: long-forgotten emotions coming to the surface, sadness and even weepiness over minor things, and a feeling of dreamy energy and connection with the world around me.

But my outer world also reflected a surprising amount of imbalanced Lunar energy, and it was inevitably every Monday that pipes would burst, small floods would happen, water would be spilled repeatedly, and life would be just generally more waterlogged than other days. This surprised me, I expected to dig into my own issues with the Moon, but to see it affect the physical, tangible, outer world was another level of magic entirely!

It didn’t take long (or even much journal scrutiny) for me to see that my personal energies were most out of balance with the Moon’s qualities, and so I then went on to the second phase of the working, rebalancing.

In this phase, the daily Magistery is taken, as before, but a second dose of another Magistery is also taken, chosen for the out-of-balance planet. So, on Monday, I took Moon as usual. On Tuesday, I took the day’s Mars and added Moon, while on Wednesday, I took Mercury for the day, and also Moon. This continued every day for several more weeks, adding Moon to each day’s regular Magistery, and continuing with the meditations and other work I did to embody the energies.

There are a few reasons to do the working this way, all rooted in the Western philosophical background of Alchemy and Hermetics.

Firstly, a planet may be out of balance within you, and may cause problems in your life which you might rather avoid entirely, but if you did, you would also be eliminating the gifts that archetype brings. So, just avoiding Lunar energy, or even working to oppose it through something Solar, might have “dried out” my watery issues, but it would not have brought real balance.

I would have missed the good aspects that showed themselves even on the worst Mondays, such as the emotional connection and empathy I felt, and the insightful dreams I was having. But more importantly, in Hermetics, an imbalanced energy is fixed not through its opposite, but by finding the state of temperance within that energy, the place where you can be steeped in a quality, see the ways in which it can help or harm you, and follow the middle path of strength. Put more simply, the best way out is through.

I use an example to illustrate this when I teach planetary healing work, and the Sun’s energy is easy to understand this way. Emotionally, the Sun rules the ego, the self, and how we project ourselves to others. Both egotism and total lack of self-esteem are issues of Solar imbalance, but one is not the cure for the other, nor would either be truly helped by using the Moon to douse the fire of self-regard and create a watery, emotional place with no personal boundaries at all.

The balance is in the middle, and sometimes that middle is only found by swinging between the extremes until the energy can settle in a place with the best of both sides. Taking more of the planet that is imbalanced, rather than less or its opposite, is what pushes that swing and leads to eventual balance.

Additionally, continuing to take the daily Magistery along with pushing with the imbalanced one allows other energies to come to bear and nudge you back to balance. Every planet affects the others, and the cosmos (inner or outer) is a system of cycling individual energies that are connected and sometimes overlapping. Leaning on your stronger planets and asking for their support while the imbalanced ones are shifted can be a great help, and you will arrive at a more dynamically balanced place if all energies are worked on at once.

The other days of my working, each planet’s energy helped with the out of balance Moon, and each shined a light on a positive aspect of the Lunar sphere. Tuesday brought Mars, with will and determination to forge ahead. Wednesday brought Mercury, fluid like the Moon, but with more skill and precision. Thursday’s Jupiter brought an overall feeling of balance, and help with judging what energies to hold to and what were not serving me, and Saturn’s day helped me cut out those unhelpful pieces and be done with them. Each other day brought a different tool to help, and soon, Mondays were not a problem any more.

We’ve both revisited this working many times over the years, and new layers of insight come each time. If our Tools for Transmutation Kit sounds like a helpful and healing system for your work, click here to buy one, and be sure to let us know how it works for you.

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