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March 9, 2011 by Micah  
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We are very sad to say that after April, 2011, we will no longer be able to ship Spagyrics to customers in European Union countries. We are forced to make this difficult decision by the impending change in the legal status of herbal products, brought about by the passage of the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, or THMPD. This directive mandates that, to be legally sold in any E.U. nation, an herbal product must first be registered and approved for sale by the European Medicines Agency.

The process of registration includes expensive, onerous, and difficult requirements for documentation regarding the supplement, and would have to be undergone individually for every one of our over 200 Spagyrics. As with so many laws and regulations restricting natural health care and choice, this one has been designed, written, and implemented by and for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies and their newly-profitable herbal products ventures. We cannot support or comply with such restrictions, either philosophically or on a practical, financial level.

We are very sorry that this leaves our supporters and friends in E.U. countries without our Spagyrics. We have done a great deal of research and soul-searching before coming to this decision, and although we wish there was another way, there just isn’t one we can find. We can’t create risk to ourselves and our customers by shipping products which will be illegal when they land in their destination country, however much we would like to support your freedom of health care choice.

There are currently a few groups fighting this legislation, even as it goes into effect, and we will watch their news announcements for any changes that might allow us to resume shipping to the E.U. If you wish to support this fight, visit the Alliance for Natural Health’s THMPD’s action page, here. To read the original source documents regarding this directive, click here for the European Medicine Agency’s Herbal Products page.

Again, we are very sorry for this sad step we must take to cut off customers in the very countries that gave birth to our Alchemical Art. We thank you for your support over the years, and hope that your efforts to regain control over your bodies and what goes in them will eventually prevail.

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