Our Mutus Liber : Making Oil of Gold

April 10, 2014 by Micah  
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In honour of the Springtime work that is the subject of the classic Alchemical text, Mutus Liber, we are posting our own “mute book” of photographs of our process for making Oil of Gold. This process is accomplished through the making of an alkahest, a special substance which is used as a metallic menstruum.

Just as plants can be fermented to create an alcohol, which can then be used to extract other plants, so metals can be transformed into extraction mediums to be used in the extraction of other metals. And, just as the starting plant, whether grain, fruit, or leaf, determines the energetic aspects of the final alcohol, the specific metal used to make the alkahest determines the qualities of the eventual extraction it is used for.

In Alchemy and Spagyric work, every planetary archetype rules certain objects on earth, from plants and animals to minerals and metals. This slideshow is of a single planetary extraction of gold, one of seven possible alkahests and therefore archetypes that oil of Gold can be made with.

This process is taught as an advanced class in our school, and will also create a medicine which we will offer when it is complete.

To start the slideshow, click on the first picture, and use the arrows to click through each one.

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