Journey to Full Circle

October 23, 2014 by Micah  
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In a newsletter earlier this year, we thanked all of you for your patience with us as we worked through some changes, including the move to our new house with the greatly expanded School space. We also had some tough personal trials last year which we want to share, since it is those difficulties that led us to our renewed focus on Spagyrics for meditation.

In September of 2013, just after some travels we had been on, Paul had a stroke. It was frightening and horrible, and it took all the support and love of our family and friends to get us through it. As it turned out, it was a small stroke which did relatively little permanent damage to Paul’s brain or body, thankfully. But, it still took a lot of time, work, supplements, and Spagyrics for him to recover his health and energy levels.

One effect that Paul noticed right away is that it was suddenly very difficult to do his usual meditation and energy circulation work. He realized that this work, which is his own version of the Taoist Microcosmic Orbit, was something he had been doing all the time, unconsciously, as a constant practice. Having to now make a specific effort to move the energy through his subtle body was difficult and really highlighted how ingrained this practice had been to his life and being.

The movement of the energy was especially blocked on the left side of his brain, where the stroke was, and on the right side of his body, which is controlled by the left brain. In his head, he described a feeling of having a hole or “dead spot” in the brain’s circuit, through which energy could not pass. The feeling in his body was similar, with the right side feeling sluggish and asleep both physically and energetically. Since the Microcosmic Orbit is the work of connecting an unbroken circular flow throughout the body, any blocked areas can negate the entire practice.

This made Paul realize he would have to take a few steps back and learn this work and other spiritual practices over again, as if they were new to him. What had long been an automatic and flowing movement that his system ran constantly had to become deliberate and controlled consciously. Of course, being who he is, he looked around the lab, stockroom, and Nature for support in his re-learning, and found many plants to support his comeback.

As he started to experiment with Spagyrics we already had of herbs that came up in his research, as well as new ones from plants we had never worked with, a group started to come together and we decided to bring them together in their own collection. This was the genesis of our new line of Spagyrics, Theurgica.

Theurgica is named after the Hermetic practice of Theurgy, or Divine Working, a path of prayer and union with the Divine based on Western esoterics. Like so much that we study, we see parallels between Theurgy and most other spiritual practices, and so our Theurgica Spagyrics offer support for physical practices like Yoga and sacred sound; spiritual paths such as dreaming and mental meditations; and devotional and magickal paths of the Soul.

The original state of difficulty that Paul’s stroke brought on has balanced out, and through hard work and dedication, his recovery is progressing on all levels. In some ways, his energy work meditation is stronger than before, and he is happy to have come full circle to the original focus of his Spagyric studies so many years ago.

To learn more about Theurgica, click here, or go right to our store page for this new collection.

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