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October 23, 2014 by Micah  
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We are pleased to announce a new focus in our work, which is actually a return to the original path we took when we started making Spagyrics, back in 1991.

At that time, we made only the seven planetary Magisteries, creating them to be supports and adjuncts to Hermetic practices of meditation and ritual through the planetary archetypes.

Times being what they were, our Magisteries were appreciated by many, but also not fully understood by most people we met. Although we continued to use the Spagyric work to connect to the sacred aspects of our Hermetic lineage, we also applied the process to medicinal plants, which were just starting to be accepted as “alternative” forms of medicine.

Now that that “alternative” is part of the mainstream, we are again putting more energy into the use of Spagyrics to support specific paths and methods of spiritual work. We’ve created a few new Spagyrics, and have plans for more, and we have also gathered some of our old favourites into a curated collection we’re calling Theurgica.

Theurgy, meaning “divine working”, is a Hermetic practice of ritual and prayer, first written about in the second century neo-Platonist Chaldean Oracles.

Like all Hermetic philosophies, the core tenet of Theurgy is described in the foundational text, the Emerald Tablet:

That which is below is like that which is above,

and that which is above is like that which is below

In the Hermetic tradition, the microcosmic world of material existence is a reflection of the Macrocosmic world of divine perfection.

The two worlds differ in degree, but not in kind, with the manifest world being created as emanations from the Divine, stepping down gradually through spheres of archetypal energy, coalescing from etheric to tangible.

Each level of emanation from above to below adds something to the Divine energy as it flows, in the way that light is changed by passing through coloured lenses.

At the higher planes of the emanation, Theurgists have catalogued the spiritual beings of classical magic, the angels and archangels ruling over particular heavenly structures and functions.

As the light descends, it is then enrobed in denser forms which precipitate out of the purely etheric realms and solidify into animal, vegetable, and mineral life.

However, even at the densest level of materiality, sparks of the Divine are found, linking back up along a great chain of being from our world, which can be ascended layer by layer until the Theurgist returns to union with the Divine.

The first step on the “path of return”, as it is called, is to balance the inner cosmos with the archetypal energies of the larger universe, so that each of those spheres is a source of wisdom to be carried by the Soul as it returns.

Plants are powerful allies in this work, and can be used in a sacred context to imbue the Body, Spirit, and Soul with refined representations of the higher archetypal energies. Each plant carries a specific facet of the Divine light, and when prepared and used reverently, can awaken that spark in ourselves.

These plants opens your being to a particular flow of energy, and each can be used to support specific spiritual workings. Our new Theurgica line currently offers collections for these paths (click on each path to go to its listing in our store):

Paths of the Body

Paths of the Spirit

Paths of the Soul

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