Sale : Love the One You’re With (ended 4/18/2017)

January 31, 2017 by Micah  
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Note that this sale has expired; we’re leaving the post up so that the information about these Spagyrics is available. To see what’s currently on sale, click here.

This time of year, as candy hearts and paper cupids proliferate in the stores, hearts naturally turn to thoughts of romance. Sensual love is important all year, but perhaps its ubiquity and the great need for its comforts have inspired you to improve this aspect of your life right now. If so, here are some supportive Spagyrics to try!

Tension and worry are the enemy of intimacy, but the Pacific island tonic root Kava Kava is here to help! Relaxing to the mind and body, while uplifting to the mood, Kava also facilitates feelings of connection and bonding.

Slightly euphoric, our Kava Kava Essence is a spicy and warming way to start a romantic evening, easing you into blissful feelings of oneness and sensuality. It is also a good painkiller, clearing discomfort that gets in the way of a deeper connection.

If relaxation and sluggish energy is the problem, Catuaba is a balanced nerve tonic and stimulant that works very well for men, and for some women, to create passionate fire and better function.

Our Catuaba Essence is a delicious Spagyric, with a mix of fruity and rich incense notes speaking to its energy of lusciousness and spice. Despite being a stimulant, it is also anti-anxiety, with a balanced middle effect that brings vitality without nervousness.

damianbottThe southwestern and Mexican herb Damiana is most associated with women’s health and sexuality, as is obvious with just a glance at a bottle of Damiana Liqueur! This aromatic spirit is a traditional wedding gift, valued for its aphrodisiac and nerve tonic properties, as well as its role in balancing the health of the sexual organs.

Our Damiana Essence carries the physical tonic properties of the herb, protecting against cystitis and other irritations, while creating a pleasant “buzz” of happiness.

Our Damiana Nectar of Love is a more concentrated Spagyric, created at the level of tonic intelligence to support the higher aspects of sensuality. It increases sensitivity to touch and facilitates playful feelings of creativity in both men and women.

For even higher work with sexual energy, our Kundalini Somalixir stimulates the inner flow of the sexual fire, lifting it as it is worked up the spine to nourish the higher centers. Useful alone or with a partner, with sexual activity or as a way to sublimate that energy into other uses, it also pairs well with yoga and seated meditation.

Our All You Need is Love sale also features Spagyrics for inner peace and love, and Spagyrics for loving compassion towards the world.

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