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October 25, 2018 by Micah  
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As many of you know, Paul’s original profession was as a goldsmith and jeweler, and he still creates beautiful work in his studio, finding that it connects very well philosophically to his work in the lab.

Over the years, I have made jewelry as well, first helping Paul with his work, and then learning to create pieces of my own. It’s been a rewarding pursuit, feeding new creative energy and outlets for me, and I’m proud to say I finally have my own studio and online store for my jewelry.

Like Paul, I work with ancient stones, beads, carvings, and sacred objects, accenting them with my own work in silver and gold. These treasures are filled with stories from their long lives passed down through the years, and transforming them into new, wearable jewelry is very fulfilling. Aesthetically, energetically, and technically, ancient objects bring a richness and meaning to a piece that we humans still crave after all these millennia of adorning ourselves.

nbThe work that I add to these treasures is made through the also-ancient process of granulation, invented as far back as classical Egypt, and perfected by the Etruscans.

Granulated jewelry is created by arranging tiny balls of precious metal on the surface of pieces, and then heating the piece with a torch until just the skin of the metal melts, bonding the spheres to the background.

It’s a technically difficult and exacting process, and a great outlet for my perfectionist tendencies!

Ancient granulation was done in high-karat gold, but most of my work is in Silver. Specifically, I work in Argentium silver, a new Sterling alloy with some great properties.

Granulation is possible with Argentium in a way that it isn’t with traditional Sterling, and Argentium is a very eco-friendly and clean metal to work with. This is important to me, personally, as I want my studio to be free from the toxic chemicals that many smiths use, and globally, since I don’t wish to be part of the dark side of the jewelry industry.

My work is a combination of the new, exciting technical advances in metallurgy, and the timeless techniques of classical artisans, and it’s been so much fun to explore ways to connect these aspects.

My new company is called Nymphaea Blue, named after the sacred Blue Waterlily of Egypt, which has long been a talisman plant for me. Rising in the morning sun and hiding underwater during the night, the Blue Lily flows through the waking and dreaming world, and as an entheogenic sacrament, it is used to connect these realms. It’s a plant I have often called upon for creative insights, dream guidance, and inspiration, and so I decided to honor it back with this name.

You can read more about my work and see the pieces I have for sale on my main website, and you can also connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. If you’d like to hear about new pieces, events and sales, sign up for the Nymphaea Blue mailing list here.

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