Each of the planetary archetypes rules a collection of influences and energies, including organs and diseases, plants, emotional states, and constitutional strengths and weaknesses. All of the qualities ruled by a planet will share that planet’s overall signature, but each quality can also be subtly different depending on the level of being of manifestation. Understanding these shadings of intelligence offers great insight into healing and plant work.

Salt / Body level:
Strengths: quick, adaptable, flexible, thin, high vitality.
Weaknesses: lung problems, problems of the brain related to function, such as Alzheimer’s, and nerve disorders (of the actual neural tissue or function).
Balanced by: Mercury Essences

Mercury / Spirit level:
Strengths: clever, good communication, intellectual, adaptable, high vitality.
Weaknesses: lack of adaptability, or hyperactivity-related problems, where there may be too much life force. Also at this level are found any problems of improper brain electrical activity.
Balanced by: Mercury Spiritualized Essences, Initiatics, and Nectars of Love

Sulfur / Soul level:
Strengths: moves easily between energies and subtle levels of being, spiritual syncretism, respect and mastery of different traditions and ideas.
Weaknesses: all types of problems with communication with outside world, whether incoming, as in dyslexia, or outgoing, as in stuttering. Autism is a combination of problems in both directions, as are many other cognitive disorders.
Balanced by: Mercury Magisteries