Each of the planetary archetypes rules a collection of influences and energies, including organs and diseases, plants, emotional states, and constitutional strengths and weaknesses. All of the qualities ruled by a planet will share that planet’s overall signature, but each quality can also be subtly different depending on the level of being of manifestation. Understanding these shadings of intelligence offers great insight into healing and plant work.

Salt / Body level:
Strengths: fertile, cyclical rhythms in balance, sleeps well, calm.
Weaknesses: brain diseases related to the physical structure of the brain, such as head injuries or tumors, as well as hormonal imbalances such as PMS.
Balanced by: Moon Essences

Mercury / Spirit level:
Strengths: in touch with emotions, intuitive, empathetic, creative, rich dream life, connected to energies of the feminine, relaxed.
Weaknesses: disorders of cycles such as sleep, menstrual, or seasonal, as well as mild emotional problems. The emotional aspects of PMS and Seasonal Affective Disorder bring together all of the Moon’s influences.
Balanced by: Moon Spiritualized Essences, Initiatics, and Nectars of Love

Sulfur / Soul level:
Strengths: intuitive, rich dream life, connected to energies of the feminine, psychically gifted.
Weaknesses: chronic, deep, emotional illnesses, which are difficult to get out of, such as severe depression or insanity, as well as a tendency to always find emotionally harmful situations.
Balanced by: Moon Magisteries