Each of the planetary archetypes rules a collection of influences and energies, including organs and diseases, plants, emotional states, and constitutional strengths and weaknesses. All of the qualities ruled by a planet will share that planet’s overall signature, but each quality can also be subtly different depending on the level of being of manifestation. Understanding these shadings of intelligence offers great insight into healing and plant work.

Salt / Body level:
Strengths: skilled at manual work, strong body structure, good stamina.
Weaknesses: Osteoporosis is a classic example of a multi-faceted Saturn disease, relating to the bone structure and to aging. So also would be any problem relating to the body’s inability to create structure efficiently, such as old wounds not healing, recurring injuries in one joint because of structural weakness, etc.
Balanced by: Saturn Essences

Mercury / Spirit level:
Strengths: reliable, dependable, practical, patient, diplomatic.
Weaknesses: some of the diseases mentioned in Mars can also be caused by Saturn. The difference is that Saturn-imbalanced people can be extremely self-suppressed, and this can cause the same stress and stress reaction as the aggressive Mars problems.
Balanced by: Saturn Spiritualized Essences and Initiatics

Sulfur / Soul level:
Strengths: understands Karmic structure and cycles, timeless view of all, perseveres in any spiritual path, does not lose faith easily.
Weaknesses: similar obsessive behaviour as on lower levels, but to the degree that is usually termed obsessive-compulsive disorder, from the fear of loss of control or structure, including problems such as compulsive hand-washing or cleaning and fear of leaving the house.
Balanced by: Saturn Magisteries