Each of the planetary archetypes rules a collection of influences and energies, including organs and diseases, plants, emotional states, and constitutional strengths and weaknesses. All of the qualities ruled by a planet will share that planet’s overall signature, but each quality can also be subtly different depending on the level of being of manifestation. Understanding these shadings of intelligence offers great insight into healing and plant work.

Salt / Body level:
Strengths: physically warm, good vitality, strong cardiovascular system.
Weaknesses: heart problems of a functional or structural nature, as well as circulatory problems. Mars rules the actual blood, but the Sun is the force circulating it through the body.
Balanced by: Sun Essences

Mercury / Spirit level:
Strengths: cheerful, charismatic, confident, emotionally warm, good vitality.
Weaknesses: anxiety, especially when it escalates to anxiety attacks. Most anxiety attacks arise from a lack of confidence in one’s competence or strength, or ability to cope with a situation, and anxiety attacks have strong effects on the heart.
Balanced by: Sun Spiritualized Essences, Initiatics, and Nectars of Love

Sulfur / Soul level:
Strengths: charismatic, confident, positive outlook on life, able to stay content in face of adversity.
Weaknesses: all types of self-esteem problems. Often Sun herbs are helpful with poor self-esteem and the depression that can arise from it. Sun herbs tend to be cheering, warming, and uplifting to those in depressive states.
Balanced by: Sun Magisteries