The Mercury Level

Mercury LevelThe Mercury level is the mediator between the etheric, planetary energies above and the physical constellation of the body, as well as the mediator between the other two levels of being. Because of this, the Mercury level is often an effective entry point to work on imbalances, as it has the most contact with the other levels of self. The Mercury level is your Spirit, containing the vital energy and life force and determining your healthy qualities and strengths. It is also the level of imbalances from an emotional or mental cause, even if they have progressed to the physical, and the level to use to boost overall vitality.

In the plant kingdom, the Mercury resides in the alcohol, which is the carrier of the life force. Calling alcohol “spirits” is a term direct from the alchemical tradition, and speaks of the quality that this level brings to plant work and healing.

Our Mercury level extracts are our Spiritualized Essences, eroSoma Nectars of Love, and Veriditas Alchymical Initiatics, all created in a 6-9 month long process using much more refined ingredients and processing than the Essences. We use a Biodynamic wine alcohol of very high quality and life force, the salts are Spagyrically revived, energized, and volatilized, the overall extract is more concentrated, and the alchemical growth cycle is longer, more active, and more complex.

Spiritualized Essences act on the meridians, and are beneficial as long-term balancing tonics, either for chronic or persistent imbalances, or to support vitality and longevity proactively.