The Salt Level

saltbuttonSalt is the lowest and most dense level, the level of solidity, the body and the physical being. In Alchemical healing, the Salt level corresponds to the physical body of a person, different for each of us, and reflecting in a material way the more ethereal aspects of our selves. This is not always the level of the root causes of illness, but it is often the level at which symptoms manifest.
In alchemical practice, the Salt resides in the mineral components of the plant and the hard structural tissues.

Our Salt level extract is the Spagyric Essence, created in a one month long process which includes extracting the plant salts, the body of the plant refined to crystalline form through our proprietary process. These salts are added to the base extract, in 80% grain alcohol, and the resulting Spagyric expresses the plant’s body and helps to carry its actions into the physical.

Since alchemically all things contain the same three levels of being, including the Salt level of the plant determines the Spagyric Essence to the Salt level of being in humans. This makes our Spagyric Essences useful for simple physical imbalances, organ support, and treatment of many common ailments.

Currently, we offer Spagyric Essences of many of the most widely used healing herbs from around the world, and our Spagyric Ens Formulas and Miriam’s Essences for Women are also created at the Salt level.