The Sulfur Level

sulfbuttonThe Sulfur level of being is the highest and most subtle aspect of the self. In people, this corresponds to the eternal qualities of the Soul, which is most directly in contact with the realm of archetype or the divine, and which contains the total accumulation of all our past knowledge and experience.

In plants, the Sulfur level corresponds to the most etheric attributes of the plant, its blueprint of action and the planetary archetype ruling its effects. The Sulfur level is the inner eternal form of a being, determining its nature on all other levels.

Our Magisteries are our Sulfur level Spagyric, and represent the most refined and sophisticated expression of planetary energy as interpreted through the plant kingdom. They are made using purified Biodynamic wine alcohol, and in the year-long process of their creation we refine and purify all possible plant constituents, including several plant salts and two different essential oils. This process creates subtly different Magisteries each time, with vintages expressing the energy cycles of the time of their gestation and birth. The Magisteries’ effects are not bound by individual herbal properties, relating instead to an entire expression of all the attributes relative to each planet.

Our Magisteries are used to balance very deep-set issues, whether inherited or Karmic, and they work according to planetary archetypal rulership more than individual plant effect. The Magisteries affect the chakras, and can also be used by healthy persons as part of spiritual practice. In this way, Magisteries work on the third and highest level of being, and can address the root causes of many illnesses, both past and present, reintroducing vitality and well-being from the highest levels down into the whole person.