Spring Sale : Waterflowers (ended 10/3/11)

March 7, 2011 by Micah  
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Note that this sale has expired; we’re leaving the post up so that the information about these Spagyrics is available. To see what’s currently on sale, click here.
Looking out the window, searching the view for Nature to inspire us for a sale theme, all we see is water. Water falling from the [...]

Tools for Transmutation - new Magistery Kit

February 4, 2010 by Micah  
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You may have heard us talk about an interesting way of working with our Magisteries by taking one Magistery each day according to its planetary rulership, bringing insight and balance over the course of several weeks. It is a powerful way to uncover your own personal relationship with each of the planet’s archetypal energies, showing [...]

Initiatics : how they work

March 26, 2009 by Micah  
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In our first article in this series, we talked about the often misguided expectations people have of our Initiatic Spagyrics, often stemming from their experiences with more drug-like preparations of Shamanic plants. In the second article, we discussed what our Spagyrics do offer, when used in conjunction with personal discipline and effort.
In this article, we’ll [...]

Agarwood : the new Spagyric is done!

March 16, 2009 by Micah  
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Thanks to all our guinea pig friends who tasted & tested the Agarwood (Oud) Spagyric as it was being developed last year. We’re happy to announce that the first in our series of Agarwoods, the Borneo, is done- click here to find it in our store, or read on for more information about this special [...]

The Energy of the Lab - Part 2

March 13, 2009 by Micah  
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In our first article, we discussed some of the ideas and practices that Alchemy has inherited from the Hermetic tradition, and how much of that core philosophy also informs magickal work. We also described some of the ways of preparing for a magickal ritual or an alchemical process, especially in how the planetary intelligences are [...]

Initiatics : what to expect

February 27, 2009 by Micah  
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In our first article, I ranted a little about the general set of expectations that modern psychonauts have for our Spagyrics, and for the more subtle forms of plant entheogens in general.
All is not lost, though, and it is possible to make the transition from blast-off drug-dependent spirituality to an intelligent and meaningful dialogue with [...]

Initiatics : what NOT to expect

February 27, 2009 by Micah  
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Brace yourselves, this is going to be a rant.
So, we get a call from a customer, unhappy with our Spagyrics. He says he tried a couple of our Somalixirs, Sexahuasca and Sacred Journey, and felt nothing. Seems odd to me, those are pretty strong ones, and always popular. So, I ask some questions to figure [...]

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